K9 Megaesophagus

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Building a Bailey Chair

The Bailey Chair is the essential version of an upright chair for successful treatment of Megaesophagus in dogs. It allows your dog to drink and eat completely vertical, which allows the food and water to get into the stomach by way of gravity.  You may choose to have a carpenter build one, Bailey Chairs 4 Dogs build one or you may choose to DIY!

It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT IF YOU HAVE NOT MADE A VERSION OF A BAILEY CHAIR, DO SO IMMEDIATELY. It is one of the MOST IMPORTANT TOOL in the TREATMENT of Megaesophagus and/or Myasthenia Gravis. Building a Bailey Chair should take approximately 1 hour to complete.

PLEASE NOTE: it is IMPORTANT that your dog not only drink and eat in their Bailey Chair, but also remain in the upright position for a minimum of 20-30 minutes, to allow gravity to do its thing!

Bailey Chair Assembly Instructions:

1. Place your dog on their butt vertically (as if he/she were sitting upright, in a begging position).

2. Measure your dog from the shoulders, all the way across and then ADD 4 inches.

3. Measure your dog from back to front, when he/she is sitting vertical again.

4. Make the Bailey Chair with 3 closed sides, and a base that your dog can fit/sit upright        

    according to the measurements.

5. Add a closet hanging rod or dowel, and fasten it approximately 3 inches from the top (across

    the open front).

6. Add padding inside the bailey Chair, so that your dog is SUPER COMFY!

PLEASE NOTEIf you are not sure if the food or water is going down, cup your hands and pound very lightly on your dog's chest while he/she is in the upright position. Some may only require 10 minutes, and some don't have the anatomy to sit vertical for very long (no matter if they are sitting on a pillow or not). Try to find the HAPPY MEDIUM, so that they learn to sit comfortably, stay long enough for food to get to belly and not start to struggle with sitting vertically after a while. Contact you local Veterinarian for further advice.

Different Ideas and Versions of Bailey Chairs